About Wyndah

Wyndah is an app which provides an innovative educational platform where both students and tutors are connected.

On Wyndah, students can post a task to which meets their specific needs and preferences. Tutors will bid for the task then students will be able to choose the most appealing offer which most satisfies their preferences.

The Wyndah app also offers a feature called “WySnap”. This feature enables students to snap or post a question that tutors will answer with detailed solutions within a short period of time. Each question will be priced at a fixed rate depending on the level of education.

Why Wyndah

Be Connected

Where there is a student with a question, there’s a tutor with an answer!

On Demand Help

Got a question, get an answer! We at WYNDAH understand your knowledge needs to grow and that’s why we have tutors here to help.

Get paid

Get paid by empowering and teaching others in subjects that you have expertise in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, download Wyndah from the App Store or Google Play. Open the app and click "Register" once you

Login to your app and at the top of "My Job" on the left-hand side you should see the 3 lines. Click on 3

Student can click on "Post Job". This will give students the option to pick which type of tutoring they'd prefer

Once your account is activated, click on "SEARCH" and check what type of task you would like to complete

payments are made on Wednesday by our payroll team. Depending on your bank, it may take 24 to 48 hours

If you are signing up as a tutor, we ask that you create an Australian Business Number(ABN). Email your ABN

Get In Touch Today!

We at WYNDAH would like to hear from you about any interest you may have, feel free to contact us below. To keep you updated please provide us with your email in the section below. We at WYNDAH are excited for the near future and would like you to be part of this revolutionary app.