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Startup companies are always intriguing and now that technology is one of the largest industries in the world, most startups are based on a technological idea that can make life easier for their consumers. With the launch of smart phones, it has made it much easier to bring innovative applications to consumers for special services. Wyndah is a new startup that has created an application that gives tutors the ability to showcase their strengths and bid on particular needs of students. It also gives students the ability to locate a tutor that can help them with specific areas of their studies that they may lack or just want to improve upon. This type of application is genius and necessary in this highly competitive world.

Tutoring is most always necessary at some point of time during your child’s educational years. Whether that child has an issue with a particular subject, just wants to get ahead, or needs assistance preparing for college entrance exams, in these cases it is almost always necessary to hire a tutor.

Parents may see no issues during elementary school and believe that their child has mastered math but then they enter junior high and that same child treats math like a foreign language. Most parents will try to assist their child to the best of their ability on their own but the way that subjects are taught has changed so much over just the past 10 years that it is sometimes impossible for parents to assist a child that is struggling. This is when most parents will search for a tutor that can help their child.

Overachievers also seek out tutoring during their high school and college career. It may be that a student is trying to increase their class rank for college offers or they just want to make sure they are maintaining their 4.0 GPA; these types of students will seek out tutors that can take their education to the next level.

College entrance exams are mandatory to enter most 2 or 4 year Universities and these tests can be grueling. It has been said that there is almost a science to getting the necessary score needed to get into college but this is not taught in regular high school classes. Unless a student attends tutoring then they will not learn the tricks of taking such tests and will not make the best scores possible.

There is not a cookie cutter tutoring model for every student. Each student has different needs depending on their age, subject, and learning abilities so it is imperative that the right tutor is placed with the right student. Having a tutor for your child will give them the one on one assistance they need no matter what the goal. This type of attention makes a big impact on the retention of the material being taught and the study habits that the child forms for the future.

Wyndah has come up with a way to place the best tutors in front of a student at their time of need which eliminates the hardest part of hiring a tutor the parents face, who is the person that can help fulfill the needs of my child right now.

By Daniel Jewani, Co-Founder of Wyndah